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In today's world, technology has had a significant impact on how different industries sell their products. Virtual tours are one of the modern marketing tactics companies are progressively using to increase sales conversion rates. Organizations are always looking for new and unique ways to promote their products, and virtual tours are a great opportunity to do so.

In our previous articles, we have already discussed what virtual tours are and how they can benefit your business. This time, we’re going to focus on the industries that can benefit from the use of virtual tours.

4 Industries That Can Benefit The Most from Virtual Tours

Since virtual marketing has proven effective in marketing a business, other industries can also take advantage of it. Some of these industries include:

Real Estate

Among the industries that benefit most from virtual tours, real estate is at the top. Below are some reasons why:

  • Sellers can increase the price of their property by attracting more buyers
  • 40% of homebuyers deemed virtual tours to be of great use, while 41% saw interactive maps as essential
  • A greater number of individuals view homes for sale anywhere and at any time
  • It generates 49% more qualified leads for properties


In retail, a virtual tour is equally crucial. This way, you can:

  • Put your business in a fresh light for potential customers.
  • The content you provided will help improve your search engine ranking
  • Customers are given another fun way to shop


The use of virtual tour technologies is common in the hospitality industry. The hotel industry is utilizing virtual tours to provide guests with an immersive experience of their rooms. A variety of visuals can be used, from professional video tours to high-quality 360-degree stitched photographs.


The use of virtual tours in education is also possible. From the comfort of your own home, it would be nice to be able to take a virtual tour of a campus, including a look at the buildings where you would take classes. Additionally, research found that:

  • A virtual tour increases the chances of students contacting an institution by 60%
  • 95% of students are more likely to call a school with a video tour

With the market's quickly expanding competitiveness, it's more important than ever to seek professional help from virtual tour experts. Regardless of your industry, it's a good idea to team up with an expert like Airrays Drone Services. Contact us for a free quote.

What Exactly Are Virtual Tours?

To make the experience feel as authentic as possible, virtual tours are made with 360-degree photography and videography—essentially a virtual representation of a real-world site created by combining 360 images and/or 360 videos. 

Multimedia components can then help engage the user using other senses in Virtual Tours. Sound effects, music, and narration are common examples of such elements. The popularity of virtual tours continues to grow, and they are beneficial for any business. 

Why Should Your Business Incorporate Virtual Tours?

A variety of benefits can be reaped from virtual tours. Some of them are as follows.

Show Off Your Business Opportunities 

When someone views your business through a virtual tour, they get an instant impression of what it's like. Those searching for your business directly will be greeted right away with a virtual tour that showcases your company's uniqueness.

Boosts Your Business' Visibility

Studies show that virtual tours in business and images outrank local competitors. Ranking in the local pack is also more likely when you feature virtual tours and images. People who spend time exploring 360-degree photos show that the business is interesting, so the listing gets ranked higher.

Enhances Transparency and Trust

Including a virtual tour of your business says a lot more about you than it just says who you are. Demonstrating rather than explaining may be more effective. It shows that your business is open, honest, and upfront about its space without explicitly saying so.

One-click Fulfillment of Client Needs

Most internet users today are Generation Z and millennials. Most of the information about a business comes from online sources and social media. Things that people can touch, see, and understand quickly attract customers. Virtual tours fulfill these expectations, leading to improved digital marketing results.

It Is Cost-Effective

In essence, a virtual tour is passive marketing. One virtual tour is all there is to it. There are several crucial advantages to digital marketing associated with this one-time fee. In addition to serving as an off-site tour, you can focus on other marketing efforts at the same time.

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